Saturday 8 May 2010

Messy Amsterdam

We had planned to blog more during our time here but our own errands and everything around us has kept us occupied. We arrived at such a messy time in Amsterdam this time. We arrived at queens day (April 30th) which already was a mess.
2 days before departure I couldn't find my ID card, our reason to go to Holland was renewing our ID's and passports. I went 5 times to the police for it (3 in Turkey, 2 in Holland), I guess I have had enough police visits for a long time (hopefully).

4 May is the day the death of the Second World War are remembered. That day every year at 8p.m. the Queen and royal family go to the Dam square in Amsterdam to put flowers at the memorial statue. Thousands of people come too and traffic is closed for hours in the centre of Amsterdam. A 2 minute silence for the millions of death is the reason they gather. This year someone fainted in those 2 minutes and fell on the metal barracks which gave a hard sound and everyone got in panic, luckely it was soon clear that nothing was going on and they continued (the Royal family was taken away right away for safety).

The 5th of May 1945 was the day that the Netherland was liberated from the German forces, every year freedom is celebrated on that day.

Between all these unusual days, the garbage men are on strike for more then a week now and garbage is starting to overflow everywhere.

8-9-10 May the town will be a mess due to the cycle race, Giro d'Italia.
Thursday 13th of May will be Acsension day, so many places will be closed.
I'm surprised at how many unusual days and events we are having these two weeks, not to forget that it is the coldest may in Holland since 1978, around 10 celsius, rainy and grey. It does show us why we left this country :)


  1. Large Citys, lots of mess.....:)

  2. wow I have never seen it in such condition .... what a strange turn of events ...

    are you enjoying the strooopwafel and romboter mandelstaff????????

    and vlag????

    wow ........
    mouth watering...

  3. I hope you'll enjoy your trip nevertheless :)

  4. A little bit unusual things going on there so maybe a culture shock stroke you? I hope you still have fun things to do in the city:)

  5. Oh, mine!
    Thanks for sharing!
    It's hard to imagine it, as my country is a clean one...
    But it's cold here, too.
    Have fun though!!!
    Greetings to your mom!

  6. Despite the mess it sounds like you had an exciting time. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. Sorry to hear about the ID card. Glad you got it straightened out. Now that you are back I wonder what you two creative ladies have planned. :)

  7. Oh my, it IS mighty cold here! I bet you can't wait to get your freezing bums back to Turkey! :)