Tuesday 13 July 2010

European Street Team Challenge

We won this week's challenge of the European Street Team, hosted by Nauli. And now it is time for a new theme!
The new theme is....


Think about cats, dogs, birds, animal print and many more, many possibilities!

The only rules are that you have to be member of the Team and the item has to be newly listed!
Looking forward to see your entries!

Off to the swimming pool cute bears dangling earrings by DinaFragola:

Circus Elephant Necklace - Pink Rose and white vintage charm by Sumikoshop:

Ruffled tiger print satin silk corsage flower brooch by TheBroochBoutique:

Story of a Cat and a Mouse- Purse with Linen and Leather by StarBags (that is us):

hedgehog pin cushion - needle felted by colouritgreen:

ORIGINAL - Frida, the cat (III) by anapina:

Art photo- Wild Kitty by aldonasuneviciene:

Xiao Xi Gua Panda 2-in-1 Keychain and Hairclip by swiedebie:

Wrinkels and wrinkeld necklace by zsazsazsu1963:

The Amazon's Green Gold Dream, Brass and Peridot by amoronia:

Japanese Garden earrings in Sterling Silver by fleurfatale:

The Dive - Large Pendant by helmitarha:

Desert Scorpion, a Bedouin bracelet-cuff by LaTouchables:

Animal earstuds by Donauluft:

Saddlebilled Stork print of original painting by petarsalic:

Fuschia The Carnival Mouse-Keeper of Bracelets And Brooches by oneperfectday:

Beaded butterfly by Alatvian:

Octopus - Leather Journal, Notebook, Diary by Kreativlink:

Animal print nuno felted scarf by creationsbyeve:

Cute Crab Brooch by Kraplap:

Dragonfly pendant necklace by ColoursandTextures:

Singing Sheep Bowl by TwoTreesBelgium:

Dinosaur Childrens Preschool Messenger Bag by littleNauli:

Romantic Filigree Brooch by KalliasWonderland:

Baby blanket BLUE HANDSTITCHED RABBIT by Pieceunique:


  1. Congrats for winning the challenge!
    Great new theme!
    A real challenge for me!
    Love it!

  2. Congrats on winning with the beautiful necklace !

  3. I LOVE this theme--and I will do it!!!! Congrats for winning!

  4. congratulations on winning the challenge!
    what a great theme, I wish I had taken my sewing machine on vacation with me...

  5. Congrats on winning!! Your theme is just up my sleeve ;-) Hope I have time to make and fire something for the challenge.

  6. congrats and I'll look if I find the time between the redecorating to make something ...

  7. Aaaaaa, the elephant is so cute! :D This is precisely my kind of thing, let's see if I can come up with something...

    Congrats on winning the previous challenge!

  8. Many congrats on winning - and I love the new theme!

  9. Congrats!! I LOVE the elephant photo here :D

  10. heyyyy, cool theme!
    Congrats on the win, E&E! :D

  11. Congrats Estella, what a great theme! I already have ideas :-)

  12. Congrats! And way cool theme!
    Maybe this time I'll participate (I always say that I know!)


  13. Congrats on winning! Maybeeeee I'll join. I'll try!!
    I really like the theme :)

  14. congrats on winning the challange and what a nice new theme!
    I hope I will ahve some time to create, but I have a very bussy week ahead:(

  15. Congrats on winning the challenge Star! What a fun theme!! :)

  16. Congrats for winning the challenge!
    I hope I can find some ideas... ;)

  17. oooh, great entries!!! since I am not tat much on the thread I keep missing the challenge, I have to pick up that, will try it with an entry for this lovely theme!

  18. o the little hedgehog ...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    great theme Star !!!

  19. Absolutely great topic. Love the entries!

  20. lovely theme and gorgeous entries so far!!!I will try to make something too :)

  21. Wow....what entries....so great all of them...
    the dive has my special attention....great work from all of you!

  22. Hi Star Of The East,
    I'm a new team member and would like to take part in the challenge but I don't know the ropes yet... Where do we send the photos?

  23. OnePerfectDay: Welcome to the team :)
    You can send the item link to me through Etsy's conversations till monday night 9-10 p.m. :)

  24. Thank you so much for your prompt reply Star!

  25. Wow, so many great entries so far! I'm not surprised, it's a fab theme! :)

  26. Amazing creations!!! Hope I will make something too....I really missed those challenges :))

  27. So many lovely entries! Great work all of you!
    Have fun Estella choosing the winner!

  28. Ooooh I love the crab from Kraplap!!!

  29. wowwww EST rockssss...great piece of arts from everyoneeeee

  30. Congratulations!!!!!!! how exciting!!!!