Thursday 29 July 2010

Our Creative Space...

You know those projects which you start years before and never finish? Well we have a few UFO's (Unfinished objects) hanging around. Now that internet and sales are slow due to summer break we are busy with finishing some of those, hopefully all of them...

This is a project, started 8 years ago by mum. she made the bottom of a macrame basket but got stuck and never finished it. Now mum is holding it and I'm having some knotting fun, it is becoming a nice basket for wool etc. Apperently the bottom was incorrect so eventually we had to start all over but atleast the unforgotten finally gets attention :)

Will show you the end result in a few days!

You can see more workspaces at Kootoyoo's blog!


  1. Yep, I know the feeling. My olders UFO is started 4 years ago :)

  2. I have one unfinished macrame project also :) Started a belt years ago.
    Looking forward to see your result :)

  3. haha, UFO , I have to memorize that word!
    There are some in my studio too.
    Your´s looks great, hope you will show the result!

  4. i love the pattern in this. all the dangly bits would test my patience for sure!
    good luck :)

  5. I love macrame, I did it with my mom when I was teenager.
    Hope to see the result soon!

  6. Never done macrame, but I admire the result. :) Interested to see how it will look when finished!

  7. how do you both know how to do everything ?

    and how do you remember how to do everything ???????

  8. Take a large ball of string and 4 very talented hands!

  9. Looks super already! Very seventies! LOL :)

  10. The Star duo never cease to amaze me!

  11. LOl Can I bring in mine???? I see so many around me, I don't know were to start, hihihihi

  12. oooh cool! a basket! would love to learn how to make them, well like pottery and sewing... :/

    It looks already lovely :)