Tuesday 18 January 2011

Introducing: Toffee and the Cookies

In Turkey, cocker spaniels are called 'cooker', thus the name cookies for these four eatable siblings. How we got them: Five years ago, the owner of their mother left his pregnant dog in the care of the vet for several months when he was abroad. As payment, she -the vet- could keep the pups.
For months we could hear the puppies crying behind a door when ever we went to the vet with one of our dogs. She complained that they keep her awake at night and she only had suceeded in selling one of them. Finally I couldn't resist and made a deal with her:  we would care for the pups and she could sell them from our home and we would keep two of the girls for our trouble.
The vet was more than happy with the deal and the door went open to reveal a totally dark room and seven filthy two months old puppies. They all had diarrea because she kept them on a bread and milk diet, despite the fact that she sold all brands of dog food.

She sold three puppies from our house, so we kept two girls and two boys, more than we had bargained for, but what the hell they are the sweetest. And the vet? After this she wasn't our vet any more. Who wants a vet who mistreats animals?
This is Toffee or Toffee Cake. In the beginning both boys were called Toffee because we couldn't keep them appart, but as adults he and his brother Earnie are totally different in looks and caracter.

Toffee is a good soul, a bit aloof, sweet to the point of boring and extremely tolerant with the rest of the pack.


  1. They are so cute and wonderful! I wish I have a dog..... Maybe one day....

  2. They are all so sweet.
    You'd think that a vet would love animals or at least have some empathy for them :(

  3. my gosh and that was a vet ??? Well, Toffee and the cookies were lucky to find you two !!

  4. I do not understand how any one who would chose to be a Vet would be so cruel to animals.
    Once again you both have hearts of gold and have saved more sweet doggies. How lucky it must be to be a dog living in your home!
    Big hugs to you both!

  5. Awwww they are sooo sweet!!! And how lucky they are!!! It's really incredible that a person who is so cruel to animals calls herself a "vet" - horrible :(

  6. I am curious - just how many dogs do you own?

  7. We have 13 dogs :)
    We used to have 15!

  8. What a sad story!
    Glad to read about the happy ending!
    They all look adorable!!!

  9. My God what kind of vet was that?
    They are such nice looking dogs.