Thursday 20 January 2011

Our Creative Space...

Beside the sea urchins and shells we have also been collecting driftwood for many years. We have made many many driftwood pendants and sold them in our supply shop.

A project I have wanted to do for a long time is making driftwood boats. Finding the perfect pieces for such projects can take a while. But finally I have started to make some.

 Drilling, hammering, puzzeling, and fitting everything together...

I love the fact that some 'trash' can become something pretty!

The sails are made of a very old shabby embroidery.

Several are already available in our Giftshop, and there will be some more to come as it is so much fun to make them!

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  1. Oh, I love it! That boat, mmm, very beautiful!

  2. so great! I love the embroidered sail!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! I especially love the 3rd one!

  4. I love these little boats!

    When I will have my new flat, I will treat myself (and my new home) with one for sure! Hopefully in a year's time.

  5. Cool boats! I'm a sucker for unique home deco! ;)

  6. These looks great! So unique...

  7. They are beautiful! Such a lovely use of seaswept wood :-)

  8. These are fantastic! The last one is my favorite. Honestly, they belong in an art gallery!