Friday 20 May 2011


Slowly work is coming to an end and the result is in sight!

Tomorrow the final touches and I can get home.

In the mean time I have finished my own project, the top will be crochetted by mum to become a bag.

Tomorrow you'll see the finished result of the roof!


  1. The view from that terrace looks so Aegean to me! I can almost see my beloved Rhodes on the other side of the sea... :)
    Looking forward to seeing your completed project (and the terrace too, of course)!

  2. Beautiful pictures of almost finished works! Thank you for sharing, Estella. It will be so beautiful, both!

  3. I am already a fan of this non finished bag !!!!

  4. Ah, such a fantastic terrace and your work looks also so lovely. That dust must have been horrible though:)