Friday 6 May 2011

Nothing Goes As Planned

We learned that again, as the roof terrace didn't go as planned at all. This is the latest state of it and it will stay like this for another week as we came back home so that it all can dry. We will be going back next week to finish it off but in the mean time we have been able to catch up work and errands at home.

On the way back we saw a few huge nests of Storks. The fun thing is that little birds take advantage of the safe and high place and make nests on the side of the big nest, partly already isolated, very smart.

And these ladies were chatting and wished us a safe journey :)

We are now back home, catching our breath and organizing our new supplies which we purchased in Izmir and finishing orders of the past 10 days!


  1. Nice to be home again, butsoon off for new adventures. Buisybuisy bees you are :-)

  2. Welcome home & Happy Mother's Day from Dubai (where we are now living in)!

  3. Hello Esther and Estella,
    I dont know if you ears ringed a bit yesterday as we say in Turkish. I was talking to a friend while our dogs were playing and as we are soon moving to Datca full time, she mentioned me about you, and your life in Marmaris. I love your jewellry. They are just georgeous. As we are rather neighbours, hope we will meet some day..Have a great day

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Ayşegül, looking forward to meet you!