Saturday 11 February 2012

Anyone wants some vintage kilims?

After our renovation we are now cleaning up the house. We came across these pieces of vintage kilims.

They are hand woven and pretty old, some bags or something else fun could be made out of it but it is not really our style, so we are looking for someone who would love these!

There are 10 pieces and they are almost 2 kilo's together, shipping is for you (should be around 20$) and it is yours! We can also split it in 2 or more if more people are interested!
Just leave a comment with a place where we can contact you, we hope to find a new home for these!
We washed them so they are completly clean and ready to use in your creative project :)


  1. These are so beautiful! I am sure a creative mind could turn these into some great handmade items :) I hope someone will show them the love they deserve. I myself already have way too much beauties that patiently wait to be put to good use...

  2. Look pretty Star, someone should give a good house for them:)

  3. Would LOVE these Estella....Let me know what shipping would cost for the Lot! XO M.
    That is if somebody else hasn't claimed them!

  4. Great!Yes, Estella, they look lovely! I would be interested in 2 pieces!
    Thanks, Brigitte, BacaCaraJewelry