Thursday 16 February 2012

Our Creative Space...

New clocks are in progress, I love to play with the idea!
At the moment I'm testing for the numbers, trying different kind of fun solutions.

But nothing beats the wonderful look of the driftwood, impossible to remake!

Found some old pansion door numbers, going to look fun for a clock :)

And after spending hours and hours of foiling limpet shells and puzzling them together and soldering them all...

A seashore candle light was born, love the result, If I may say so...

You can see more details of it here.

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  1. Really looking forward to those Clocks, I am so sure they will be stunning and wow what a creative Idea for the Lamp, fantastic!!

  2. The clocks will be amazing,
    You have wonderful ideas!

  3. Oh all those sea treasures born from the Aegean Sea... from that sound of sea that's so dear to my heart!!!!!
    The lamp is just amazingly beautiful, and the clocks will be too, I already know! :)

  4. I think you two are the most creative people I know! I love coming to your blog and getting inspired. Your new driftwood clocks are awesome and I am really loving the driftwood and seashell candle holder. Bravo on all your new work!

  5. The lamp is beautiful! Can't wait to see the clocks :)

  6. The lamp is really wonderful! You´re awesome.