Thursday 29 March 2012

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This post is a kind of follow up of last week's creative space.
If you sell online one thing is always very important, which is packaging. Not only should it look inviting it also has to make sure that the item survives its long journey.
Pretty boxes are expensive but beside that not all boxes available are good for your purpose, especially if you sell and kind of sized items like us it is hard to really have all the boxes available. We have dozens of boxes but still not always do we have the right size.

When that is the case, we recycle boxes, which is super fun and rewarding. We do not throw away any good sturdy box, no matter how much writting and stuff they have on, as long as they are clean and strong they are perfectly fine to use again. Not only boxes from incoming post but also packaging of detergent, new phones etc, if you look in another perpective you recieve lots of useful boxes very often. Just be sure to tear of addresses of others for privacy reasons, but also duct tape as glue doesn't like tape.

I buy large pieces of a kind of fabric paper at the local upholsterer, they use it to cover the buttoms of chairs etc and it is cheap but looks nice and is large, I prefer black so that it covers writting etc of used boxes. You can also use a craft paper, an extra bonus is to use a kind that fits your shop, logo etc. Then I hand stamp them with starfishes to match our business card.

Apply a thin layer of a normal glue on the first part of the box.

Press firmly the box to the paper, and to avoid it from slipping attach a few cloth pins.

Continue with the second part of the box, make sure that the paper doesn't rimple and do each part one by one if you rush it will be a terrible mess :)

After glueing all the large parts you have to cut of the parts that won't be needed. Each box will need a bit of a different method but once you get the drill it is easy.

Fold and glue the sides, like gift packaging to finish it of prettily.

Fill your box with a layer, we use the paper we mentioned last week.

Add your product.

And add another layer.

Close the box and shake it firmly, be sure that the item can not move as movement can damage it.

Now time to pimp up the box!

I use some ribbon and a sweet flower, these constantly change according to the supplies we have at hand :) The ribbon also holds the box closed so no need for ugly tape, all materials are recycled or eco friendly and can be used again!

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  1. Wonderful Estella!

    Love the packaging of your orders. Beautiful and ecological!

  2. Wonderful Estella!

    Beautiful and ecofriendly!

  3. This is so clever and pretty. You are genious :)

  4. Awesome job done on this box!!! Brilliant!

  5. Great way to recycle and have sturdy boxes!

  6. wow! that is simply beautiful and it shows the great care for the customer and recycle, too!


  7. This is a very handy blogpost. Thanks for sharing. And the box just looks lovely:)