Sunday 4 March 2012

Sea Chicks at the Sea Shore

It was an other glorious winter day, cold and sunny, with a strong wind from the sea.

Exactly the kind of weather when the sea spits urchins and other threasures onto the beach.

See Estella gathering?

Here are the urchins among the rubble.

And here I am all equipped for the task :)

Today we had the company of a team of chicks, feeding on the fresh stranded urchins and sea weed.

This sushi diet agrees very well with them. They have gorgeous, shiny, fire-y pluimage.

Wonder if they lay salty eggs?

All these boats will get a new coat of paint for the coming tourist season.

Then this beach will have chicks of different pluimage.

But for now, the sea, the beach and the chickens are all ours.