Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

1. EvgeniyaMaslakova  2. anapina 3. Silvia66
4. mammamiaeme 5. ShebboDesign 6. zdrop
7. katinytis 8. andrea0503 9. skrynka

Our hands are clean but most often wounded.
We work with fire, needles and tools, but most importantly we work from the heart.
These pieces are all made by hand like many other pieces on Etsy, but unfortunatly slowly on, many resellers and mass producers are claiming our place.
When we are sad and broken hearted we can not create!

Protect Handmade, Protest with us on 10th of May, we will be silent and we won't use ugly words, we will be closing our shop for 24 hours, our words are not heard, so maybe our silence will be.

Join the thousands of shops here on Protesty, together we can make a difference!


dindi said...

Wow, great moodboard and lovely words!
i also will support this silent protest!

OnePerfectDay said...

Love the hand collection.It says it all.
Have a great week!

bhbkidstyle said...

Great board for a great cause!

The Secret Hermit said...

Fabulous post, I changed my etsy avatar to show hands yesterday too, it is making me very sad and extremely poor having to compete against the big businesses, I hope the folks at etsy listen :o(

Baghy said...

Such a meaningful moodboard!
Handmade spirit is worthy of being defended!

Nauli said...

It's a really sad story, but it's good that it makes a discussion start. Maybe we need a handmade certificate just like fair trade to set certain standards?

Akamatra said...

Great way to protest!

Craft Unikat said...

Such a moving moodboard!
I support it with all my heart!

Hunszil said...

Wow, great moodboard and lovely words!
i also will support this silent protest!

ValeriAtelier said...

Wonderful moodboard!!
Handmade spirit is always with us! said...

Thank you for taking the initiative - I will be joining you on May 10th.

I am not condemning resellers per se. But there is a place for everybody, please leave etsy for all the wonderful artists that put their heart and soul into their unique creations!

starrybluesky said...

Beautiful mosaic and sentiments !

Katerina said...

Great collection Estella

kraplap said...

fantastic collection of artist hands !

FishesMakeWishes said...

lovely moodboard Estella, speaks volumes!