Thursday 7 June 2012

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I've been meaning to try japanese mesh work for a while , and finally got to it. First I thought to use bias band, but I didn't trust the folds of the bias band to behave on the long run, since I wanted to use it for a bag without fear of it unraveling.

So, it had to be strips of fabric, cut 3 cm wide and sewn at 1cm with help of a guide on the machine.

Then the tunnels had to be turned with a thingy and Estella's help.


And pinned on the iron board on a piece of fusible interfacing. All this came from a japanese craft book, but after this first row, things got pretty unintelligible in the book, with only some schematic drawings. I'm sure the written instructions are great, but without that, you really have to put your mind to it.

Here is the first row all pinned. In the instruction drawings they let you mark lines on the interfacing, but they get all covered up, so not much help here.

This is a pattern for a 6 point star, btw, but countless patterns are possible. the second course has three different rows woven in a 60 degrees incline. It is now 1 up-2 under in three alternated rows.

An other detail of the second course.

I put the tape to make the surface smaller, because I run out of strips. This sucker surely eats a lot of fabric!

And than the third and last row. Estella had to come to my rescue because I got all confused. It is 2 up and 3 under in this row, again alternating. Hopefully the pictures will be of help if you try it.

The star pattern is a bit lopsided, I think that even a more accurate approach is needed, and thinner fabric. This sample, done with thin wool fabrics is really heavy.

This oval -it had to be an oval since I run out of material for the corners- took me the best part of the weekend. If you have lots of fabric, time and patience, the results are interesting for sure!

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  1. Very interesting!! I like the colors.

  2. Such craftmanship! I am in awe...

  3. wow! that is a lot of work and it looks amazing!

  4. wow... marvelous work!
    You girls, are such artists!

  5. Wow, this is fabulously complicating but really worth the result! It's so nice to see how these beautiful things are born!

  6. Oh wow, that looks must have alot of patience trying to decipher the Japanese instructions and then sewing all those strips of fabric.

    The effect is brilliant........

    Claire :}

  7. Oh dear, that looks like a LOT of work! Looks interesting though :))) Great job!

  8. I am just staring at it with my mouth open. It looks so complicated AND absolutely fabulous.

  9. Oh whoops...When I first saw this I thought it was Estella who had worked this. My mistake Esther! You gain the crown for fabric goddess....amazing work!

  10. Good grief that looks like a lot of hard work. What an amazing end result - it's beautiful!

  11. The last sentence struck me (once I got over the technique and patience one needs to have to do this remarkable result.
    If you have lots of material and time ....
    -since when do you have lots of time?
    -and if you do, how?

  12. Absolutely fantastc. I really like it and admire your patience.