Wednesday 13 June 2012

Great Expectations

In the summer we don't find many urchins, so we went on expedition in the hope to discover a new finding place.

We had a Google map with us, but it was pretty useless. There is a myriad of this kind of dirt roads, leading from nowhere to nowhere else.

As always, as soon as you see the coast, it is breath taking.

Most of those little bays are unaccesible by land, though.

In more than 4 hours we didn't see an other human being.

Some signs of humans were present, though. In a deserted bay, somebody with inflated expectations had put some pots of honey on a table with euro prices and instructions in turkish to put the money under the stone.Maybe one day a tourist will comply.

The fishing boat was also deserted.

The person who built this handsome bridge had really great expectations. It leads from a dirt road with no trafic what so ever to a piece of land where in the distance is some bunting and a big sign saying 'restaurant'. Nothing else.

Surrealistic in the best of ways.

We followed this mother and daughter team for a while.

They lead us to their favorite cove.

A small herd convened there.

One of the girls seemed to be getting pretty attached to me.

I got squeamish, not being familiar with cows ways and all the ladies having babies with them. But probably she only wanted a scratch between the ears, like the doggies.

They were rather king size cows.

Finally we both got to our own beach combing.

The sun was scorching, btw, but they were as foolhardy as german tourists.

We didn't find any urchins, but had a great day!


  1. Great views and company! :)
    We have them (both) when we go fossil hunting. Goats and sheep are very common too.

  2. Absolute heaven! Can I move with you? Pretty pleaaaase!

  3. Absolute heaven! Can I move with you? Pretty pleaaaase!

  4. What a beautiful day :) I can imagine how surreal it must be!

  5. Sounds like adventure with those giant cows.

  6. Lol! Loved the cows! Those ladies are lazy! And quite jealous about the sea!!!
    Have fun for all of us then:D

  7. Beautiful trip! I love the beautiful bridge out of nowhere :) and the cows basking in the sun... the white one with the nose black is cute, I would also be impressed they are huge animals, ;-)

  8. I love the adventure you had! and those cows are so pretty! :-)

  9. LOVED this post, Esther and Estella!!! What an amazing and peaceful place! The lonesome table with honey looks incredible, and the cows on the beach are just surreal... as is the bridge leading nowhere! Wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing!
    *waving from Rhodes!*

  10. PS: How was it with the earthquake? It was pretty strong and scary here, but no damage thankfully, as far as I know...

  11. What a fun read! Don't know why, but it's crazy for me, to see cows on the beach! :)

  12. Wonderful post. The bovine beach babes looked so at home on the beach!