Thursday 4 April 2013

Our Creative Space...

As the preparations of the sea urchins take alot of time, we always do a larger bunch at once. These are the harvest of the entire winter, and are now in their last stadium which is covering them with epoxy. Before this they have been in 5 different preparations to be able to use them in our jewelry and home decor.

 These shells are a very dull grey when we find them, but as soon as they are varnished their pearly details and amazing stripes and patterns pop up.

In the mean time a rainbow bag is in the make, for the happy cheerful who are not afraid to use some color in daily life :)

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  1. wow look at all the amazing colours of shells and sea urchins! i only had the pleasure of beach combing for sea urchins one time in Florida and it was so great. you're so lucky to live near a place that has them :)