Wednesday 5 June 2013

A curse called Internet

''There is a curse called Twitter. It is full of lies. Social media, today, is the curse of societies.''

Turkish Prime Minister T. Erdoğan

 The pictures below are taken from the blog This blog is written half in English and half in Turkish and has a lot of pictures and info about the things happening right now in many Turkish cities.

And no, it is not over. Protesters have to go to work, but it continues in the evenings and is expected to grow again in the weekend.

There are many terrible pictures going around of wounded people, dead people, abuse.

But I find these pictures  specially poignant just because there are so mild.

Young woman, who ever you are, you are a hero.


  1. What a beautiful young woman fighting for decromatic rights!
    One of the best things about the internet and the social media is that it has become increasingly impossible for governments and regimes to hide the truth... therefore they are "dangerous", of course...
    Keeping you in my thoughts :)

  2. good and interesting to read a personal opinion! Thank you!

  3. I am really sorry for the things going on Turkey and my thoughts are with you!

    And on the other hand I really pissed of because on the 21century there are places that a man and a woman cannot express freely their feelings! There is not real Freedom and this is sad!

    Hope people understand what are they forced to do and to take their life in their hands! all of us :)

    But most of all, I hope not having more injured and dead people. after all we are of human and brothers!

  4. Stay strong and safe. It's good people in your country are awake. I wish you well in your struggle.
    I fear too many here in USA sleep in growing ignorance while the country erodes beneath them.