Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mastering the Art of Embroidery

Yesterday we got by mail a copy of this book, which to we have contributed several projects.

It is a well printed and very inspirational book, with lots of contributions of modern embroiderers, many of them Etsy members.

Our contributions were mostly on smocking, more fabric altering than embroidery, really.

 It is nice to see very old techniques in modern and fresh applications.

The choice of  title is not very fortunate, in my opinion. Although many basic stitches are clearly illustrated with drawings, a beginner couldn't achieve the end results shown in the book, while an experienced embroiderer would not need the basis stitches explained. Also the language is a bit stiff which shall make the explanations more difficult to follow than needed.

But, again, the book is a feast for the eye and very, very inspirational. Lots of venues to explore if you are so inclined.

Finally, I would like to share with you a bit of our experiences with contributions to books or magazines.
There are publishers that ask for high resolution pictures and there are publishers that ask for the actual item(s) to photograph and style themselves. In both cases you get a free copy of the book or magazine and some exposure.
Both type of publishers are very cavalier with what they offer once they get what they need.

We have collaborated once to a Stampington magazine, Haute Handbags, and despite their solemm promises to return the bags in two months, in reality it took eight months. After all that time, the bags were not exactly damaged, but they were not exactly crisp either. After that we have been approached twice for Stampington magazines and have declined. Frankly, the exposure is not worth the hassle.

For this book we sent  high resolution pictures, no risks there. Again, though, we never got the promised notification of publishing, we saw the book by chance reviewed elsewhere, and it took four months and many increasinly harsh emails to finally get a copy.

My advice, thus, never send actual items and make the publisher keep their word, nothing is granted.

If you would like to have your own copy of this book you can find it on Amazon.

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  1. Wow Estella, this is really something! Congratulations!

    And I love the look of the book as much as I can tell by the photos :)

    Good to know about publishers. I have similar experiences, although much more limited, and now I'm kinda relieved I haven't sent any items to them. I also have not heard from them and what they have done with my photos or whether they credited the photographer and me at all :( Shame, really it is a shame...

    Anyway, you guys are now in print, captured for future generations to see :)