Wednesday 5 June 2013

A lovely Surprise

Between all the mess that is going on in Turkey, I received a lovely surprise yesterday. Nesrin from Istanbul sent me these beautiful tshirts, just because, isn't that super sweet?
She has an Etsy store with more fabulous designs, named NikaCollection, and the tshirts are even better in real, love them!

 They fit perfectly, and I love the fact that no one else in our little town has the same tshirts :)

Thank you so very much Nesrin, hopefully you are safe and well in Istanbul!


  1. The t-shirts are wonderful and you're gorgeous! I've been lurking around Nesrin's shop for a while, I think I'm going to be tempted :)

  2. Estella, you look preeeeeetty! :)

  3. estella you look super hot in those tee!

  4. The Shirts are so Petty. Happy to finde your Blog.
    Best regards,