Tuesday 24 June 2014

Garden inspiration

We are lucky to have a large garden, without it we wouldn't be able to have 13 doggies, as they can run freely there. But because of the doggies we do not have a flabbergasting garden, their running around and other things that I will not mention but you can imagine makes it impossible to have a super pretty garden but I do my best :) As you know the sea is our biggest inspiration but also a big source for materials, but the beach is not the only place. In our trees we often have feathered visitors and beside their droppings they also leave pretty things.

The Eurasian Jay has some really pretty feathers, I only find one from time to time and we keep them clean and safe in a zippered bag until we have a matching pair. Therefor we only have such a pair of earrings every few months :) I listed a new pair today, the feathers lead us to the remaining material choices, this time it is abalone shell, enameled vintage drop charms and lampwork beads.

In Turkey the pine tree is the most common tree, we live near a mountain and its trees so we have the same kind of trees in our garden, most likely left from before our house was even built. They are very high and give a lovely shade.

Their trunks have cracked, rough and textured bark.

Their needles long and fine.

And they have big pine cones. Often when one falls it falls on our roof with a loud 'thunk' and then you hear it roll down and drop in the garden, it happens almost every day, quite funny actually, even the dogs are used to it :)

The cracked bark represented by turquoise stone, the needles with beautiful silver plated branches and silver plated pine cones to finish them off. We have them as earrings and a matching necklace.

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  1. So cool that pphoto.
    You have such luck to have a garden. :)