Sunday 29 June 2014

Mermaid Wedding Bouquet

For the past few days I was busy with a new bridal bouquet for the shop. Usually we make these according to a bride's wish which is fun but this was fun as I could do whatever I wanted.
I went for a combination that is not me, pink and bling, but somehow the result turned out to be very pretty even for a not-girly-girl :)

On top of the sea urchin I attached rhinestone rhondelles. As sea urchins have holes from top to bottom there is always need for some kind of cover at the centers.

I used 3 large rhinestone flowers, which were brooches but I securely attached them to strong stems. Plastic branches to give a coral effect but without being fragile, pink organza flowers and lots of rhinestones.

Each element is attached to a wire wrapped stem, which are then each one by one also wrapped with pink flower ribbon.

The handle of the bouquet is made with a beautiful vintage pink fabric, silk ribbon and rhinestone starfishes.

Perfect for a mermaid with legs :)


  1. How beautiful!! Seriously the design of this wedding bouquet is awesome. The rhinestones are adding an extra charm to this pink bouquet. Thanks for sharing your creative work with us.