Thursday 12 June 2014

Locks of Love

Not very long ago I saw a little video on YouTube of a (about) 10 year old girl who cut her hair off to donate to charity for other children in need of hair due to Chemo or Alopecia, I was so touched by it that I decided that when I had the time for it I would have my hair cut so short that I could donate my hair.

Yesterday I finally did it, funny enough normally I would not easily cut off so much at once but for this reason it was very easy. There are several charities who make wigs for people in priority those who suffer from Alopecia as the hair does not grow back with that illness and secondly for people who loose their hair because of Chemo treatment.

It was so weird to see my hair like this, 35 cm (almost 14 inches) and 125 gram gone from my head and off to the USA, Florida, where I have never been even near but my hair will :)
I choose Locks of Love mainly as it is for children who need wigs and being a kid especially a teenager is already hard as it is so I think they need it more for their self confidence, but you can read here more about how to donate and more charities. Most accept dyed hair (not bleached), at least 8 inches long, check out the charities if you would like to help these kids or adults! So cut off those ponytails, it will grow back and there are about 8-10 people's hair needed for 1 wig so lots of hair needed! Just in the US 4.1 million people suffer from Alopecia and there is no treatment for it.


  1. very cool! my hair is too short though to donate :/ maybe in 2 years?
    And I love your new hair-do! I think it suits you much better (even if it wasn't the primary goal of that haircut) :)

  2. Hello! My name is Evgeniya. I am reading your blog constantly. I cant find some words...You are very warm-heartful girl!!! bravo!

  3. It's a big heart's behaviour!
    I respect you! <3

  4. Estella, it's a beautiful gesture! My step- granddaughter, named Estelle, age 6, did the same two months ago.

  5. Wow! Estella, you are the best!!!

  6. You are great! Thanks for informing us about this awesome charity organisation.