Saturday 6 September 2014

Our Neighborhood

Last night while having my evening walk with Daisy, I realized I've never shown you our neighborhood, I did show our town, Marmaris, but not our green little neighborhood :)

We live in a neighborhood which has no hotels or restaurants, making it pretty quiet compared to most places during the Summer season. It is a few kilometers away from the beach and higher up in the hills, right next to the forest.

Everyone's garden is full with trees, vines for shade and bushes. If you are smart you don't go for grass here as it is impossible to keep it green during our long hot summer.

The houses are almost hidden, I love these streets!

This white tree is normally just a bush, but has grown so tremendously that it has become a tree.
Funny, as I have seen more like these, plants that are in western Europe just little plants in pots become here huge like trees, I guess the warm weather do them well.

As you can see the streets are steep, skateboarders would have huge fun sliding down around here :)

Surrounded by mountains and if you keep on walking downwards you'll end up at the sea :)


  1. If you see a lost tourist wandering the streets admiring the trees and bushes, don't worry, it will just be me stopping by.
    It looks so awesome!

  2. Amazing place to live!!! Thank you for sharing! Love how houses are hidden with the green and flowers!)

  3. everything is so beautiful: gardens full of flowers, houses... a great place to live, indeed!