Monday 6 April 2015

Day 1 -Istanbul

Right now I'm writing from our hotel room in Istanbul, above you can see our shabby view with in the distance the sea and below you can see where we are literally floored :)

The journey took a little longer due to the delay of our flight but we did not want our first day go to waste with the journey so we went to suppliers right after leaving our luggage in our room.

Like usual I forgot to take pictures at the suppliers because we literally jump in to it but here are some pictures on our walk back. Behind the fence is the garden of an old mosque with very old graves, here graves are never removed so you can see these in the center of towns at unexpected places, I have even seen them in the middle of roads but this is rare of course. I don't want you to imagine crazy things :)

Istanbul is a city full with hidden treasures, unfortunately lots of historic buildings need to be renovated, this one is the main post office, I think it is also one of the first, and it is huge.

It has still words in the Ottoman writing so from before the Turkish Republic was found and the latin alphabet was introduced here.

This amazing building below is a sad treasure, the years and people have treated it bad and this Jugenstil beauty is mainly abandoned.

We our out of luck with the weather it has been raining all day and if the forecast is correct it will rain all week, but we'll make the best of our time :)

You'll never walk around hungry here, everwhere are food vendors, here you can see vitamin bars where you can get fresh juices with all kind of fruits freshly squeezed right in front of you yummmm.


  1. Wow Estella! Love to see buildings while I'm walking, nice to see Istambul thanks to you :)

  2. I remember Istanbul dearly :) we could have met then, but you couldn't come (sadly)
    Beautiful and fascinating city!