Sunday 12 April 2015

Day 5 - Istanbul

With a two days delay, here is a re-cap of our final day in Istanbul. We left yesterday morning and arrived home in the early afternoon again too tired to blog.
Friday we went to the fabric bazaar I mentioned in the previous post. Our wish cam true as the weather was dry although cold and windy. We were in heaven and had a blast going through the piles of fabrics.

There were also buttons and sewing notions but we had our eyes on the fabrics. We got also a nice stash of leather which will be awesome for some special bags.

There were also a section as a flea market but we were tired and had no money :)

  And vegetables, loved the look of these artichokes like bouquets of green flowers.

We left our bags in the hotel, caught our breath and headed back in to town for some last few errands, including buying a bigger suitcase as our luggage had expended tremendously :)

Early evening mum crashed at the hotel and I went to met an old friend, Serpil from SerpilGuneysu, who had kindly invited me in her home for a few days the last time I was in Istanbul.

We had some drinks below the Galata bridge right on top of the water.

And I took a snap for the occasion :)

After meeting Serpil mum and I had a big job of fitting all our stuff in our bags, miraculously we did not have to pay overweight :)

These little pots are something we wanted to show you, they looked so funny at the side of the roads. Mum kept comparing them to urns with ancestors :) They are actually used for a meat dish, apparently this way of preparing the meat gives a very special flavor, we did not try it but asked Serpil about these funny things.

Back home we are admiring our stash of supplies and sorting them in our atelier. We love what we got and our hands are itching to start making new things but we are still recouping of the 5 crazy days we had.

These are just a part of the jewelry supplies, we also have our bags of fabric and our trophy find is this vintage hotel cabinet below, we managed to get this in the plane without problems :)
We have listed it in our home decor shop, it is a rare find and we would keep it for ourselves but we just don't have the space for it.

Beside the tangible souvenirs we have collected some wonderful memories and had a great time, it was nice to get our of the daily routine, although it was not really a vacation we enjoyed it a lot, we hope you had fun with us here :)


  1. sounds like a fun and productive trip :)
    lovely things you found!

  2. Estella, wonderful trip and photos!
    Amazing fabric bazaar! And so lovely findings and gems.

  3. I would have loved to be with you in the fabric bazaar!

  4. Oh my, the fabric bazaar looks like heaven :)
    And I look forward to those amethysts made into something pretty.