Thursday 9 April 2015

Day 4 - Istanbul

Today it was incredibly cold, wet and windy, an unseen weather for April, but we had no outdoor plans so it was fine. We went to the Sadberk hanım museum, which is a private mesuem of one of the wealthiest families of Turkey. The Koç family has a huge amount of companies and one of the family members, Sadberk Koç, had a big passion for antiques. Her daughter founded the museum in name and honor of her mother.

The museum itself is in an old 'Yalı' which is the name of these fascinating large wooden luxurious houses near the shore (when such a house is not at a shore it is called a 'Konak'). These are richmen houses and are worth a fortune.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside, so if you go to Istanbul you'll have to visit yourself to see the beautiful collection of old ottoman shoes and clothing, ceramic, jewelry and more.

If you come in warmer months you can make it a day trip and come by boat to see the entire shore of the Bosphorus and a beautiful picture taking trip you'll love it :)

Tomorrow is our last day and if the weather allows us we will be going to a bazaar dedicated to fabric, oh joy :)


  1. I remember seeing such houses and thought they looked a bit odd in Istanbul as they remind me of what you can see in a lot of northern countries :)
    I suppose it's the timber structure that gives me that feeling ^^

  2. that place is beautiful even in a rainy day :) love wooden houses, but can't imagine how they survive near the sea.