Friday 19 June 2015

How to Make a Perfect Pin (for Pinterest)

For the past months I have been pretty active on Pinterest. Personally I find it the most fun Social Media platform, it is inspiring and beautiful to look at!
It is also very easy to use, especially if you have the Pinterest button on your PC as then you can pin any image you want and it will pin with the source. Another advantage of the button is that you can pin any picture you want from Etsy as the Pinterest button of Etsy itself only pins the first image of the listing on default, with this button you can choose which picture to pin. You will get a tiny Pinterest logo on the top left corner of any image online to pin quickly and easily.

But very often images are horizontal, especially Etsy sellers will know that horizontal images works best, unfortunately Pinterest likes them long and vertical. The result is that I very often see Etsy sellers pinning their items with hardly noticeable images, while their images are good they just get totally lost.
One solution is to crop your image and load it up in your Etsy listing and then pin that image.

Another solution involves some cropping again, but then loading it up directly on Pinterest. This technique is not so much known and I thought to share it here for those who struggle with the vertical image problem. This is also a good way to pin something you looove but has a horizontal image and you can not change it as the website is not yours ;)

Once you have saved and cropped your image in your computer you go to Pinterest. Wherever you are on Pinterest you will always see a + on the right side, click on that plus. Beside the Plus symbol there is also 'Add a Pin' in each board which has the same function.

And then click on Upload a Pin.

Choose the image you want to upload.

Add a description below the image, remember Pinterest is not fond of hashtags and its wonderful search engine works entirely with the descriptions so this is important. I usually just copy paste the title of the item.

Choose the board you want to post it in and pin it!

Now the downside of this system is, it has a small glitch (which I'm sure will be fixed eventually), in this process no link is added. To add your link, go to the pin and click on that little pencil icon.

This window will appear where you can see that the website is empty, copy paste the link of the item and click on save, and you are done :)

So to show you what this hassle is all for, you here can see the same item twice pinned, one without cropping and one with,  the chances to be re-pinned become so much higher now!
It seems a lot of work for a pin, but it takes just a minute (explaining took a little longer), and the results for your business will make it worthwhile!

Have fun on Pinterest, and you can follow me here at StaroftheEast :)

Last tip: if your image is in no way possible to crop, you can also make a mosaic of several images on top of each other in a photo editing program. This way you show case several images of the item and have a long image, like I did with this doily bag.


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  4. Great tips Estella. can you also mention which is the best size/resolution for the image?

  5. Sorina, as I do not save all my images I just save it from my Etsy listing (after clicking on Zoom) after that I just crop it has long as possible, so only cutting from the sides as much as I can without making the image akward.

  6. Cool tutorial! Thanks Estella ;)

  7. Thank you Estella, you're awesome for thinking of everything! I was also going to ask about proportions, but as long as possible sounds good ;)

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