Sunday 28 June 2015

Sunday Break

We had a little Sunday break and went to Akyaka, a little seashore place which is a bit like Marmaris but smaller and has still the lovely village feeling. Akyaka is also mostly popular among the Turkish tourists, it is close to two cities so people escape for the day or weekend here to enjoy some good fish and the lovely beach.

Akyaka s about 40 km from our town and most its income is from fishing and local tourism, you won't see much foreigners here.

Before you get to the beach there is a river where all the fishing boats are during the day. During the day the fish are sold, at night they are caught.

Here you can see a fisher's wife repairing a net which is done by hand. The new generation (her daughter) doesn't give much hope for their business as she couldn't take her eyes of her phone.

The walk to the shore feels like a jungle, so much fun.

There is a sandy beach to sunbath but it was crowded and not our taste, we love the rough kinds where usually no one goes.

Akyaka is always windy making it a great place to wind surf, and it doesn't feel as hot as other places.

I'm thinking of trying it out, anyone having any experience? I would love to hear if you liked it :)


  1. Really beautiful!
    I did some kite surfing, but from the beach only, not from a board on the water.
    It was fun, but very tiring, I like regular sailing or surfing better I must say.
    Seeing this makes me really look forward of visiting the lakes in the north of Poland next week, I really miss the water...

  2. Looks Beautiful, making me wish for my holidays now!

  3. It seems like an amazing break! Great photos as always!!!

  4. Beautiful location! the water looks so clear!

  5. Very cool!

    We have many wind surfers here as well :)

  6. Lovely story! Wish I could visit this place :)

  7. Longing for a beach holiday now...

  8. Beautiful place!! I need a mini vacation too

  9. Wow! I loved that beach with big plants where there was no one around :)

  10. Oh, wow! Seems like an amazing place, but at the same time a very hot place! :)