Saturday 6 June 2015

Spiky Visitor

Our house is the last and lowest house of a dead end street. As we are on a cliff, water rain always comes like a waterfall to our garden. But beside water also animals like to knock on our door. Every Summer we have quiet some turtles coming to our front door, looking for water, and we always put a bowl of water and some fresh lettuce for them so that they have some stock to go on.

A few days ago this hedgehog was at our door, this is the first time we had one of those. They are so cute and look like a walking sea urchin. I ran back home to grab my camera and the little guy never stopped walking. I followed him the entire street and he never looked my way but was constantly on the move.

However he did not neglect to stop when he some a nice juicy bug, ate it and then continued to walk on, it was really funny :)


  1. We also have hedgehogs here, they come to eat the catfood ;) I never see them during the day though, so this one must have been disturbed by something...

  2. We have quite a lot of them, they are very noisy buggers, sound somewhat like piggies, snorting, very funny and cute.
    However, our doggies, who are the sweetest, and would never hurt a single thing (not even cats) are very much attracted to the hedgehogs, and it is the one animal they cannot resist. Waleria picks them up and brings them, and we have quite some problems rescuing the poor hedgehogs, so when ever I see one in the garden I catch it and release it in a safe field down the road..

  3. Wow, he/she is really cute. I absolutely love hedgehogs!

  4. He/she is really a cute vistor! I absolutely love hedgehogs!

  5. Aaaaw! Very cute indeed. Must have been fun following its path and watch what s/he does.