Thursday 4 February 2016

Eco Friendly Wedding; Decorations and Locations

Continuing to find eco friendly solutions for weddings I thought about the amount of decorations required for a wedding. Thousands and thousands of dollars are often spent on decoration. Mostly flowers again which are as explained in my previous eco friendly wedding post horrible for the environment. So you spent all that money and leave a big carbon footprint for something that will be thrown away a few hours later. I am not saying that you have to marry in a plain boring place, however you can solve the whole decorating solution by choosing a location that is pretty without any help. The picture above was of a wedding from one of our customers who had her wedding on a beach, you can see in this post how they hardly had to decorate the place and they did not use any flowers, even the bouquets were not real flowers.

This forest wedding is magical! Only some lights and they were ready to go. We have so many magical places in the world no need to decorate :) I love this location I think it is much more memorable for the guests too as it is unique and special, it is in a camp with loads of outdoors activities.

And of course garden weddings. This can be a hired place but also your own yard or of a relative or friend. The trees in the picture above are much prettier than any men-made decoration if you ask me, without any additional cost or environmental damage.

Other locations I came across which are unique and do not require much decorations are: Library weddings, Farm weddings and Park weddings. To make it even greener it is best to choose a location which is closest to most of your guests so that not much travel is required.

Another picture of the beautiful beach wedding of our customer, for which we made a hairpiece, brooch, boutonnieres, earrings, bridesmaids jewelry and flower girl jewelry.

Would you choose any of these locations? Or do you know any other than these that would not require flowers and other waste to make it pretty? I'd love to hear them :)


  1. The locations! *gasp*
    No need to plan a wedding, just going there is already magical :D

  2. Wow, the idea for a wedding in the library never crossed my mind, but the pictures look really good. I would prefere the garden or forrest though. Well beach on the first place, but since there are no beaches round.... the garden woudl be beautiful too.

  3. My fave is the beach of course!

  4. All lovely ideas for weddings! But I think as long as you find what is perfect for you, it could be anywhere I guess.
    Have pictures from the beach, but cheating a bit, did not have the wedding on the beach. 😀

  5. I want a wedding in the woods! Buttttt when I taught a little bit about it I understood that it might seem simple in the beginning but it's not that easy. You know those lights you are talking about they need electricity and there is no source in the woods... It might be even more complicated than imagined( toilets, food supplies, refrigerators, etc.) I mean if you want a wedding that will be celebrated a day and a night(they are usually like this here).But then again, if you have a garden with access at all of this it could definitely work!

  6. I never gave weddings much thoughts really as to me they tend to be horribly tacky things with hearts and cheap lace and wasted flowers and ugly clothes...but those look nice...well, beach or forest anything sound nice to me anyway...

  7. Oh these are wonderful! I had a pretty regular wedding, in a church and then party in a restaurant, but since i always loved the sea, i think i would have liked getting married on the beach... :)