Monday 15 February 2016

Flying Carpets

We have been busy with making a whole bunch of new pretties for the shops. And the past 10 days or so a lot of them had something in common which was the use of old tapestries and Kilims. We started with this coat which we made with a tapestry which was entirely hand embroidered!

The thought of cross stitching such a large piece makes me crazy, it clearly was done before internet or tv :) Unfortunately in time some of the embroidery got damaged so by the time we scored it, it was not usable for it normal purpose.

We found the perfect pattern with not too many parts which was necessary as small pieces wouldn't have worked with the material. We cut out the entire pattern and puzzled a whole while till we got all pieces with mirrored embroidery and all damaged parts were not used. The tapestry turned out perfect for it as we were only left with the tiniest piece of it and with this gorgeous coat which is available at our clothing shop StarsWear.

Many many years ago (about 30 to be more precise) my mother bought a whole bunch of Kilims in Turkey, this was of course way before we moved here and when we were still living (or maybe not me as this might have been before I was born) in Holland.
We are now slowly having them professionally cleaned and the ones in good state are once cleaned listed in our Vintage section of the Home decor shop.

Unfortunately some of them turned out to be damaged, making them useless as floor coverage but of course not rubbish. Throwing away hand woven pieces of kilim was not an option.

Even though this one had a big fat whole right in the middle, making it impossible to get a decent sized piece out of it.

But I remembered an old pouf in the attic which I brought down.

After sanding, varnishing and painting it in a soft pink...

It got some extra foam to make it higher so that the motives of the kilim would fit perfectly.

Tadaaa  pieces of Kilim + old forgotten pouf and this came out of it, pretty cool don't you think?

The brass feet got all cleaned up and shiny and it got a pompom trim for some quirkiness. The unexpected choice of pink paint is as you can see a matching color with the pink of the kilim and a little unexpected. The newly made pouf is now available here.

We had a few little pieces left after the pouf...

Which after many hours turned in to a pretty awesome bag!

We used a doctor bag frame, upcycled leather and two pieces Kilim.

It has an old feeling but still a cool newness, I love re-using 'useless' stuff it is so satisfying! Can you believe that we still have some pieces left? Those will most likely turn in to smaller purses :)
For now this one is available in our bag shop, StarBags.


  1. I love all 3 pieces. I like kilim a lot and right now it's very trendy over here.

  2. The three pieces are simply stunning!

  3. Awesome! I love how the patterns just looks like they were made for all the items!

  4. Wow! You make Killim wonders Estella! Good job! I love the coat the most! It's just amazing!

  5. The coat is fit for a clothes museum it looks lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. That coat is a great piece engineering and craftsmen's ship and all your kilim beauties are spectacular.

  7. Wow Estella!! I love all of them! What a brilliant work!!

  8. I am in LOVE with all of them, Estella!!!!!!!