Thursday 7 April 2016

Childhood memories and Alice in Wonderland

I was born in a typical Amsterdam house, 3 floors with steep stairs. People who are not familiar with these old stairs are often surprised how steep they are, but those are typical in Amsterdam. Our house had a garage on street level, then 2 floors and the attic, with lots of stairs in between. In the center of the staircase there was an empty space where my mother had bookshelves installed, throughout the entire height of the house it was books books and more books, thousands of books. Beside adult books there were at least a thousand children books as well and one of my most vivid memories of childhood was that I would sit on the stairs, pick up a book and read it then and there. As a single child with a working mother who needed sleep during the weekends I spent my weekends quietly escaping to all kind of magical places, learning English with Dr. Seuss and producing a colorful imagination.

Alice in Wonderland was of course one of my favorites, I actually dressed up like her for a school event, but I am not close to be a fan like Dina Fragola who shares her HUGE collection of Alice in Wonderland themed memorabilia on her blog. As I have been seeing her collection every week I remembered those old days back in Amsterdam, the stairs, the books (which are now due to lack of space mostly in boxes in the attic and we desperately need something like this) and was inspired to create something 'Alice' themed.

We have been creating Little Red Riding hood, Snow-white, The Seven goats and the Wolf, The Puss with Boots, Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel themed fairy tale clothing so Alice in Wonderland was bound to happen!

With a gorgeously detailed Japanese fabric, a fluffy petticoat lining, a lace trim with on top a red roses trim, the skirt is like a fairy tale itself.

While we were at it we also made one in black :)

Both skirts are available in our clothing shop!
What is your favorite fairy tale?


  1. haha, so cute! I'm sure Dina will love these skirts :D

  2. Arghhhh need...need ...need...I already wanted all your the clothes too...
    And thanks for the love :D

  3. So cute! I love your fairy tale inspired collection!

  4. Wonderful skirts!
    I would have loved those bookcases when I grew up. We had the Billy kind from Ikea, very swedish. 😀

  5. Wow! Excellent! My fave is the one with the blue stripes :-)