Monday 25 April 2016

Eco Friendly Wedding: Tableware and Food

It has been a while since my last Eco Friendly Wedding post. My previous posts are: 'Decorations and Locations' and 'Bouquets and Centerpieces'.
I already mentioned the impact of flowers in the bouquet and centerpieces post and suggested plants or other kind of centerpieces instead. Now we also have table placements which are often done on paper, I love the idea of writing the names on found pebbles or leaves. Zero impact on the environment and free of charge a win-win, you'll only need to write the names by hand, a small price to pay I think!

Tableware is another issue, I have a huge dislike towards plastic tableware, we already have so much plastic everywhere, why use them when it can be avoided? Porcelain tableware is an option, could be even bought second hand, washing it all is less fun though and they get pretty heavy.
Another option I liked are biodegradable palm tree leave plates and utensils, they look so pretty, chic and they are eco friendly, love it all!

Food is one of the biggest problem when it comes to environment impact, but food is also often a delicate issue to talk about.
All food needs water to become eatable. Meat uses the largest amount of water per kg and has a huge impact on our planet, my friend Stephanie wrote a blog post about the environmental impact of meat, worth the read if you are interested!
Not everyone eats meat anyway so making your wedding a vegetarian one has several advantages:
-No need to make separate type of foods for vegetarians
-Meat being the most expensive of foods you save a lot of money
-By not using a whole bunch of meat you used less resources and your wedding is much more eco-friendly.

Beside making it vegetarian, a few more things that will save both resources and money are:
-Buying local dairy products, vegetables and fruits, which are usually without those horrible plastic packaging, did not travel to reach destination and are also fresher
-Buying seasonal vegetables and fruit (just like with flowers), they taste better, are cheaper and are so much friendlier for the environment
-Instead of having plates prepared full with food which most likely half of it will end in the trash, an open buffet is wonderful to avoid waste. Everyone can take the amount they want and can choose what they want. All leftovers will be on the serving plates so can be taken home by the people who worked at the wedding and most likely had no time to eat so they'll appreciate it.
Here are 73 open buffet/ food bar ideas for weddings.

If you have any more tips to save resources for a wedding I'd love to hear them!


  1. You are almost convincing me getting married is cool here ;)
    I love buffets...I love being able to taste a little bit of everything and being able to finish my plate...

  2. Love the idea of leaves for seating arrangement!
    And an open buffet is great, it is often too much food at weddings!

  3. The idea with the leaves as place holders is to die for! I will pin it in order to keep it in mind! :D

  4. what a lovely way to celebrate an important day like this.

  5. Great ideas! I love the leaves as name plates!

  6. fooood! ... sorry, got distracted :D
    Lovely ideas for a wedding "au naturel" ^^^

  7. Thanks for sharing it! No doubt, ecofriendly venues in NYC have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Glad that people are paying attention to ecofriendly activities and have started thinking about Mother Nature.

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