Thursday 16 June 2016

Garden Projects

Just before things got a mess and hectic we had some garden projects done. This is between the house and the wall between our neighbors, and it is also our front door which you can not see but it is there.

We pass this part of the garden very often but because of the doggies we never were able to plant anything as they love digging at particular this part of the garden. There were always holes, we put pots on the earth but they just dug around them.

We finally bought some low fences and planted hydrangeas. It is the perfect spot for them as hardly any sun comes in this part of the garden which is very rare around here as we have such long, hot and sunny Summers.

Shortly after planting them we had to go to Spain, I was afraid that they would not survive it but luckily this year Summer arrived a little late and mildly and they survived the week without water, yaaay!

We always wanted to have hydrangeas there but they are pretty expensive in our floral shop. But then I scored them for less than 1/4 of the price at a farmer's market so I could buy 8 of them for less than I would have paid for 2 in our town, and they are actually better too so I was thrilled :)

Remember the path that we made during the Winter? It really made things easier. No more muddy feet while going to the shed which is our laundry room, and also no more water goes to waste as it all goes to the plants now. However the left side of the path was too narrow to mow and I thought it would be fun to have some plants there. With again the help of the low fences to prevent the doggies from digging, they love digging up freshly planted plants, a cute corner emerged. Once things are full grown it will look better but still I am happy with the results :)

With a tall pot and a plate on top we also made a bird bath/ drinking place which is a success as we have birds visiting us throughout the day to have a drink which is lovely to watch.

My succulent collection has also grown lately, mostly by propagating the existing ones. I love this corner :)

Usually most people think that planting and gardening is for Spring but you can actually continue throughout the Summer till early Fall with most plants as long as you water them enough they will be fine. Do you love working with dirt and plants?


  1. you're garden is so pretty :) lots of great improvement!

  2. You have a lovely garden, I like the new face of the entrance! An the succulents look great!

  3. I would loooove to have a garden like this, but until that happens I am happy to enjoy yours in pictures.

  4. Great garden results and the succulent corner is wonderful.

  5. Lovely garden!
    Love the story about the hydrangeas especially. So different here in Sweden where almost nothing needs protection from the sun. ;-)