Thursday 17 December 2015

More Progress!

I'm so happy with the progress that we've had these past 2 weeks. You know you annoy yourself for years on things on your house and when you finally do it you think 'why did I not do this years ago?!'. The things that have been done are that kind of things, it didn't even cost a lot of money nor time, it was just a question of getting in to action, which was exactly why I shared the plans here for an extra kick in the behind :)
I've already show the shed before with the new door, in the mean time the surroundings of the door has been plastered, I will paint the walls of it this week. I also mentioned a stone path. You see the shed is our laundry room and we walk through that part of the garden almost every day (you know laundry grows during the night). The problem here was that with walking on the grass for years the ground was lower, making it a perfect rout for water, aka rain but also sprinklers water. So often walking to the laundry room was a muddy business like doing the laundry wasn't torture enough :)

We now have a pretty stone path there, every time I walk by or on it I smile, these little things give such a pleasure :)
You can also see a metal square thing in the ground on the right side.

This is that door up close. It goes to an underground room, which is not a bomb shelter but the mechanical room for our swimming pool (which we haven't used for years as it costs so much money to maintain clean). This little door has also been annoying me for years, it's so ugly.

I spray painted it green, it costed me 25 minutes (including waiting between 2 layers), it costed about 3.50$ and has been the cheapest and quickest yet one of the most satisfying make overs ever :)

The path continues until the shed, where usually a lot of water gathered, including between the house and shed, now no water will go there and everything will stay dry and pretty.

So if you have small annoying things in the house that you have been wanting to fix for ages, by all means; go for it! It is thrilling, satisfying and cheaper than therapy :)

An as I have been showing a lot of home renovation projects I also wanted to share a creative before / after project.

This bag was entirely hand knitted by mum, all in one piece with lots of colors, 100% wool, making it perfect to felt.

Once she knitted it and felted it in the washing machine, I have sewn the lining and kiss lock, and attached a chain with upcycled leather strap on it.

Making it an adorable and colorful little purse, available at StarBags.


  1. A swimmimg pool? Wow... bet your doggies would love to have that operational :-)
    Will have to take care of some paving in our garden too (our driveway is just grass as well), but too busy inside still.
    One day...

  2. Swimming pool *_* I wish you lots of sales so you can have it operational again
    That felted bag is very cool. The colors are great!

  3. My theory to the great satisfaction feeling when little things that have been bothering you have been finally done is that the longer it has been annoying you, the bigger the satisfaction is. :)

    Awesome bag!

  4. You garden looks great! I've seen a few yellow leaves so maybe fall will visit you too :P
    And I love the purse btw!