Tuesday 1 December 2015

Seeking help from the USA :)

Do you live in the U.S.A?
Do you have an Etsy shop and are familiar with the intricacies of the post?
Would you be willing to accept parcels for us, collect them in one box and send it to us?
This would be about 3-4 boxes a year, but you would receive small envelopes and parcels throughout the year with both your and mine name on it to avoid confusion.

A good Etsy friend has been doing this for years, but cannot any more due to an illness in the family.
We buy a lot of supplies on mainly Ebay, but also Etsy and Amazon. Many sellers don't ship abroad and others ask much more than is due to mail outside the US.

Of course, we pay for all shipping and will reciprocate in a nice way for your efforts.

(envelop photography by Anna Remarchuk)


  1. Send me an email and we can work out something, I live in WA state, USA. I have an Etsy shop with nothing in it, yet. Elizabeth krhneer@gmail.com

  2. Elizabeth, thank you. I tried to mail you at krhneer@gmail.com, but the message didn't go through. Can you please contact us at

  3. I might be able to help, as well. My email is astartae@gmail.com.

  4. krhyneer@gmail.com, sorry I left out y. Elizabeth