Monday 30 November 2015

Raindrops Gathering

After an extremely hot October and November we finally had some very rainy days. Actually the amount of rain can get a bit overwhelming after months of dryness days of water pouring down, but once the sun starts shining again every thing seems green, fresh and lush and the air smells deliciously earthy.

Somehow on these rainy days I always feel like making a cloud, or two. I usually make small, medium and large sized driftwood clouds but sometimes when we find a very large suitable piece I make an extra large one. Actually the last one I made in such a size was last year, but finally this week I found a nice big piece and made a super large cloud with it right away.

I found it ridiculous to water the garden in November but as it was pretty hot and dry the garden got a little sad, it is now happy again :)

The other day it was cloudy but not raining for a bit and I took some pictures of new items. But the sun was playing hide and seek and with every few pictures the sun came out making the pictures with to much shade, so when the sun came out I took pictures of the plants with their pretty captured raindrops, and when the sun hided again I took pictures of the items I wanted to list, it was a fun game :)

 I love how the plants keep hold on those precious drops and drink them slowly.

In the mean time my big cloud turned out wonderful, I can completely imagine it hanging on the head side of a bed making it a perfect dreaming place :)

This extra large beauty is now available in our decor shop, among with smaller driftwood clouds.

What do you love most about the rain?


  1. I'd definitely keep that one for myself ;)

    There has been no shortage of real rain around here ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures of rain drops and I very much like this new cloud :)

  3. Great combination between your beautiful pictures and the driftwood clouds! And I agree, it seems a bid silly to water the plants in November, we're in the same boat here, hi.

  4. Your clouds are so lovely.
    And it is a pleasure to see a garden that is not dry and brown and all wintery.

  5. Gorgeous pictures of the rain drops!
    And your wood clouds with crystals are so lovely!