Monday 2 November 2015

November Revamps

So in the beginning of last month I mentioned some projects I wanted to finish for October, and we pretty much managed to reach our goal.
The first project was replacing the two rotten wooden doors of our garden sheds, which happened last week:

So much better!

As you can see there are dark borders around the new doors, the old doors had wider frames so the new ones are not reaching the painted part of the walls.
Also while removing the old frames some parts of the plaster work fell off, so it will need to be plastered and then I will paint the walls (and hang that annoying cable neatly back to the wall too).

From the inside you can see better what I mean with the plaster work, their are some gaps and ugly bits. This will all be fixed this month, in combination with the bathroom revamp I mentioned last month, I will come back to that in a bit. I was also not able to make the stone path to one of the sheds, which I hoped to finish in October but did not manage, fingers crossed for this month!

Another project I showed last month was this chair, it took aaaaages to prepare for upholstery. The wood had many holes of the previous upholstery jobs and the frame needed some extra support. I've sanded, filled and varnished it many many times in a span of several weeks before I could actually paint it.

As the wood was too damaged I had to paint it, I know wood is pretty but in some cases it just needs to be covered for the better good :)

It got all fresh and pretty after a nice white paint and it was finallyyyyy ready to become an armchair again.

New webbing, filling, foam and tender loving care.

I hand cut and sewed many meters of double piping, it took me hours but the result made it all worth it.

Tadaaaa! We looove the results, I am still banging my head for forgetting to take a picture of its original state before removing the old fabric and filling, it was a very sad sad chair.

We covered it with a vintage quilt, very Americana with the color scheme, and super cheerful without being girly.

The back side is a happy checkered fabric, all sides are cheerful and we spent many extra hours to make it pretty in each and every small and big detail. I will be listing it later today to join our other furniture pieces.

I also trimmed all our doggies but won't show before and after pictures or this will become the never-ending-blogpost :)

So back to this month and the bathroom I mentioned before. When two guys will come to plaster around our two new doors they will also do so work in our sad sad bathroom.

So this is our bathroom, window is wood and got all rotten, it is also much too small compared to the bathroom. So they will knock down a little bit of wall and put in a larger PVC window for more light and we'll finally get rid of the window to which we attached so plastic roll down curtain thingy so that we can actually shower in the Winter as we had removed the glass because half the window did not open and the steam just could not get out of the room. Also the paint of the ceiling will be scratched off as the wrong paint was used causing for ugly dark spots. A messy and busy November is awaiting us I am not looking forward to clean up the mess afterwards, but after that we will enjoy the results :)


  1. That chair is WOW!
    And good luck with the bathroom remodeling!

  2. I love how you re-vamp furniture. Really love it :)

  3. Awesome armchair! So cheerful!
    November mess is indeed not something that you might look forward to but jut think about the result! You know… …. the road…. :)

  4. Gorgeous the colour combination..perfect for a house on beach :)

  5. I'm totally in love with the armchair! Great job!
    And keeping my fingers crossed that you'll reach your goals in November!

  6. You've been busy again! Love the chair!!!

  7. Wow, Estella, so much work and so beautiful results!!!