Thursday 29 October 2015

The love she left behind

Loosing Elsie a few weeks ago  was heart wrenching. You all know how much love, respect and tenderness we feel for all our dogs, but Elsie was more than a dog and more than a human. She was a little superior being, kind of an E.T., you know?
But when we saw an ad where somebody was looking for a new home for an other little black terrier, we knew that we would love her too. 

She was the  cutest little thing, the only problem was that this cutie lived in Ankara, about 900 km (560 miles) from our home, impossible to pick up by car.

I called the owner of the dog, a sweet lady who had to give her sweet Zeytin (Turkish for Olive) away due to a family issue. She clearly wanted to give her a good home and we clicked pretty quickly. Coincidentally a friend of ours was also in Ankara and would be coming back to our town in a few days, so we figured she could bring her. Unfortunately none of the bus companies accepted animals in the passengers compartment, only by the luggage, which is cold and airless, and as the bus drive would take 12 hours totally not an option.

Zeytin's owner was so convinced that she found a good home that she did not give her to anyone located near her and actually paid and send her to come by plane, which is just a 1 hours journey. We went to pick Zeytin up at the Airport (which is also a one hour drive) and waited for her arrival.
We were a bit worried how it would go, but Zeytin arrived well and was not cold or afraid.

Once out of her bag she dragged my mum through the airport to a green part and was curiously looking to us and her surroundings. Once at our car she jumped right in and was on my mum's lap the entire journey back, you would never have guessed that we just had met.

While she got used to us right away, introducing her to our pack at home took a while, but now she even plays with some and is already feeling completely at home.

On Sunday, 2 days after her arrival we went to the beach and took her with us, as she is so small she is very portable :)

She had the time of her life, running around and even jumping in the sea, it is a great experience to see a dog who had a rough time, recouping so quickly and enjoying life so much.

You might think we're crazy with already 10 dogs, taken a new one (again), but mum needed one who looks like Elsie and although I was not very enthusiastic of taken an 11th one, I am glad we did as she makes my mother smile again :)

Zeytin is very happy with her new home and surroundings, she now gets 24 hours attention, which is a huge improvement of her previous situation and has a lot of green to jump around in.

We also came across this on Pinterest, very appropriate for the occasion, you often hear people saying 'I will never have a pet again' when they loose one, well this furry guy makes some good points:


  1. aaaw the tears there on my face <3
    I'm so happy for all the love you and your mum bear, you make the world a better place :)

  2. So many similarities.. we did a 650 kilometer drive to pick up our 'replacement' to fill our hearts with joy. I think we are not there for the dogs, I think the dogs are there to fill our hearts with happiness. May she be long blessed with a happy home!

  3. Beautiful story, I'm sure she found the right home to be loved!

  4. Such a lovely story! I hope she will bless you with happiness for a long time!

  5. Oh, she is so cute and obviously is the right little four legged creature to make Esther happy again. I hope she will settle down fully with the other dogs and fine her place in the pack.

  6. Beautiful! I lost my dog 20 days ago, and it is incredible how I miss him, he was a being superior also. I was thinking about adopt an unloved dog, but after your post I will do it for sure

  7. Dogs are who make us human :)

  8. You know, just from the picture with your mom on the parking lot, I could tell that she and Olive "clicked" right away.
    Many people don't understand why I have so many cats, they think they're just replaceable "things"...and I am sorry for those people. Then there are those who decide they need to mope forever on the loss of a pet and never open their heart again...and I am sorry for them too :(