Thursday 1 October 2015

Experimenting Glass Bottle Cutting

In our house no one drinks any alcoholic beverages so we never have any glass bottles in the house. We do however find some bottles on the beach, unfortunately they never have a note inside :)
These two bottles were both very cool and we took them home, the green one is the biggest wine bottle I have ever seen and the other one is a water bottle with a beautiful shape.

I've had this mini tutorial on my laptop for ages, and wanted to try it out for a while, yesterday I decided to go for it and luckily thought about taking pictures so I can show you my results :)

I put the nail polish remover in a glass jar, we always have nail polish remover in our home, not for its original purpose but for removing glued objects. If you want to remove something that has been glued, soaking it in this will do the trick and it will clean all glue residue off without harming the objects and without the need of force.

On the picture I could not really see what 'yarn' it was talking about, I decided on a natural hemp in the hope it would burn nicely.

It did not really burn though, I turned the bottle around several times in hope that it would be hot enough.

I then tried to put it in my huge bowl of water, but the bowl was too small so I eventually ran it under the tap and it broke off but with difficulty.

Resulting a not very pretty edge, I will sand it all off but it was not the result I was hoping for, the whole bowl incident cause for a delay of the quick cooling off.

For the second bottle I decided to use a thinner piece of hemp, in hope that it would burn easier.

It did exactly the same though but it got hotter easier, I think an easier burning yarn would have made it all easier but I do not have anymore bottles for now so maybe next time.

The cut however became pretty smooth, this time I did not loose any time with trying to stick the bottle in a bowl but went immediately to the tap and it cut off without any help or force.

I sanded the green bottle and had an instant vase, the black residue of the burning went off very easily. The white bottle will need some more work and I am planning on covering it with shells or something to loose the font on it.

I discovered this video this morning, this guy has done several experiments and shows the best way. I wish I had searched on Pinterest yesterday before starting, but it was a fun experiment so no harm done. And there are several much clearer tutorials too on Pinterest, I do not know why I did not check as I am on Pinterest every day :)


  1. Ah how fun! We buy local organic apple juice here once in a while and it comes in glass bottles, so I just might try this out.
    I think I need nail varnish remover now for the glue hehee

  2. I never heard about this technique before! Very inspiring but no glass bottles here, too and no beach to search! I'll have to bestow my husband a bottle of wine when he celebrates his birthday next week! :)

  3. Great idea! Never see this way cutting bottles before.

  4. Never know that there was such a technique!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is cool. I am way too clumsy to play with sharp glass through ;)

  6. Estella, this is such a useful tutorial! I like it simple too, but you can also paint it with glass paints.