Thursday 22 October 2015

Our Creative Space; Boatwood Project

For most people beaches are a place to swim and sunbath. We funnily enough hardly swim when we are near the sea and never sunbath, or we do get sun baked but not intentionally. During the Summer months the beaches are usually occupied by other people, and although most of them do not appreciate the beauty of the things we find, they do walk all over the shells causing them to break, or they use the driftwood for barbecues (arrrggg the frustration).

In any case in the warm months there are no storms so the amount of treasures are less anyway, now that Fall has come treasures will also appear in a larger amount, and the local fishermen and boat owners will start working on their boats to prepare for next Season.
The later gave us a while back another kind of treasure; discarded boat wood. A rare find actually as people in villages still heat with fires in Winter time so the wood gets burned. We found a pile of them at a wharf and took the pretty parts home.

For ages I wanted to make mirror frames out of some of them, and last Sunday I finally got that project going. I borrowed an electric saw of a friend and first made the wood pieces equally wide and at length. Then I made 45 degrees corners out of them.

I then had to take them to a local framer as normal staples do not work for frames. He also cut the mirrors in size for me and tadaaaa!

Some very cool rustic mirrors came out of them, only the glass and the hanging wires are new all other materials have history, making them unique and eco friendly, a win-win :)

The first frames are listed in our StarHomeStudio shop, I'm planning to make more in the future :)


  1. Those are gorgeous! Such cool things you can find on beaches where you live. As you probably know, the only things we find on our tiny stretch of beach here in Belgium are gross stuff LOL

  2. Nice ones :-) Congrats on the corners, I always manage to get them wrong :-)
    I'd put a transparent varnish over the wood to preserve the state as it is, every one will stay as unique as they are forever then...

  3. Fabulous rustic mirrors you made out of those bits of boat wood!

  4. Gorgeous mirrors! Amazing that they are old boats!

  5. I adore old wooden boats! they are plenty of these where we live and I love taking pictures of these :)
    you made extremely cool mirrors with them :)