Monday 19 October 2015

Another Strange Day, Week, Month... Life

I haven't blogged for a few days, thinking that not much is happening in our life to actually worth sharing the whole world online. Then I started to think of my past few days and noticed how strange the days pass, and I realized our days are usually odd even though we seem to have extremely boring life's.
So I now decided to share a few odd highlights of these past few weeks, let's see what you think of it all.
We live in a dead end street with just a few houses, each house has a garden and it is all nice green and usually pretty quiet. Our next door neighbor has a tree right near the wall separating his garden with our ground, where we leave our car. The tree type is here called a Sakız tree literally meaning a
(chewing) gum tree, you might get the drift, it is sticky as hell and several times a year it drops leaves by the buckets which are all sticky and icky. It also drops all kind of stickiness causing our car doors and windows to hardly open and its leaves sticking to our shoes and everywhere else.
I love trees, I really do, but that tree and me, we never bonded. The branches are literally all over our car, and our neighbor only cuts the branches bothering him, leaving all the bloody sticky stuff to us to clean up.
After years of asking he finally promised to cut the tree (and plant a nice-not-sticky-one in its place), of course after 6 months he still has not kept his word and I told him that I would cut it. He did not want the entire tree to go, so we made the deal to cut the branches on our side but keep the tree alone.

Now remember the part where my car was sticky all the time? The fuel station in town also cleans your car for free when you are a customer. And when I arrived a few weeks ago with yet a bloody sticky car the guy asked me 'didn't I just clean this car a few days ago?' and I gave him the story of the tree. And he said, oh I can cut it for you, I need wood to heat in the Winter! Ahh how lucky, someone wanted to cut the tree for free and take all the messy sticky branches with him, I was overjoyed to say the least.
He kept his word, cut down all the branches, making our garden and parking spot light and airy, and not sticky. In the process a branch fell on the electricity lines, causing for our entire street to be out of electricity for a while, causing for the extra adrenaline and excitement, with lines all over the street not to me mention a huge pile of branches all over the place and me trying between that all trying to reach a phone and calling the electricity company explaining the emergency, they came in 5 minutes and luckily repaired the damage quickly.

That was the story of the tree that I never liked for 10 years, its branches will heat a family the entire winter, of course the tree will grow again but that is a problem for another time.

The other day, just when I thought that I was going to stay at home all day, in my PJ's working on new things I was called and told that I had to take some paperwork to Muğla, a city which is about a 1 hour drive through the mountains away from our town. Of course my car (which is not sticky anymore but still old) decided to overheat so I had to leave the car at the bus station and go by bus, I actually asked a guy at the station to keep an eye on my car as parking is only permitted for 20 minutes and I would be away for 2-3 hours and had no time to leave the car elsewhere as it was Friday afternoon, just a few hours before I could forget about paperwork until Monday.
So there I was instead of my PJ's at home in a bus on a windy road, dizzy and groggy as I was stung by a bee the day before, and stung by another one 4 days before that filled with injections, antihistamines and my body fighting the allergy attack, off to Muğla to drop 1 piece of paper...
I arrived 1 hour before closing time and the guy I had to speak to was on the phone so I sat down and waited for him. While he was talking I noticed that the paperwork for my mum was in front on his desk and when the person on the phone started to irritate him he started to play with my mother's picture! It was so weird and funny, there I was in an office I had never been before, with a guy I had never met who was 'playing' with my mum. As soon as he hang up I told him: 'Hey you know the picture you have been torturing, is my mum, please be gentle with her!' We both had a laugh, he straightened and even un-dusted my mother's picture, it was a weird weird thing, the whole thing would even have been weird in a dream.
After a half hour I went back home which went less smoothly as the first bus was full so I waited 40 minutes. But my car was where I had left it after 4 hours, luckily the 20 minute rule was unnoticed broken :)

So these are just a few, and these kind of things happen all the time, we have at least 3 odd days a week, and now that I have really realized that, I have realized that my life is not boring at all, and have decided to bore you all with details of some strange days now and then :)


  1. Love the way you pay attention to the small deatails of life!!! Great post!

  2. Reading your post is not boring at all! I agree with Margarita, it's a great post!

  3. Your life is really not boring! I love your way to discribe and write!

  4. That's so weird, the guy with your mum's photo, totally surreal..
    And too cool the way you just happened to get rid of the tree bits in the best way possible. Wonder how that sticky tree will burn though :-)

  5. haha, "I never bonded with that tree" and huhuhu "I decided to bore you all with details"
    actually I think this was very enjoyable :D
    I suppose if you only write this from now on, it might be too much, but once in a while, it's great :D

  6. Love this post Estella! Small pieces of your day-by-day that make your weeks special and different. Maybe it's funny or odd but I always think that these tiny things make life happier :)