Thursday 8 October 2015

October Revamps

I wanted an excuse to post my pretty 'October' picture on the blog, I shared it on instagram but thought it would be fun to share it here too :)
As for the revamps, there are a few projects that I hope to be done this month, already the first week is gone so 3 weeks left to finish!

First project is pretty big and in the planning for a while, only problem is cash and time but before winter starts I really want this to be finished. We have two sheds in the garden, in one we have our washing machine, dryer and warm water boiler. As our bathroom is a little too small for all these, which by the way also needs a little revamp but I think that one will be for November. The second has all the garden tools. Both their doors are completely rotten, and have to change. Prices of new doors are surprisingly high and I have been asking at several places to find a good deal.
Also the path going to the shed gets flooded with rain and after the sprinklers have worked so I am planning to make a stone path so that we can keep our feet dry while doing the laundry.

The second revamp project is another furniture piece. This one is taking much longer than anticipated. First of all it was in a worse state than our previous projects, secondly the carvings makes it hard to sand. It also needed some reinforcements on the frame and it had a lot of staples from it previous 3 upholstery jobs which I have cleaned up. I did discover today that two of our previous furniture projects got featured on the blog BetterAfter which is full with before / after projects, fun to look at and the author, Lindsey, has a fun sense of humor so it is nice to read too.

Right now I am actually busy with make overs of our doggie pack. They all were trimmed a few months ago but got all very hairy again and need a clean up before the weather cools down. Some are not very fond of the trimming sessions, and the thorough baths after wards. Toffie here loves the undivided attention and enjoyed it very much. They all do love the results as they each leave enough hair to fill a pillow. p.s. I was wearing shorts, and am not naked in this picture lol :)


  1. Oh, that's a nice looking chair! Can't wait to see the result.
    And LOL at the doggie shaving session. I have to groom my Persian cat Eugénie too, and she sure hates it.

  2. Please share the final result!! that chair is great and I'm sure your dog will sit on it!

  3. The garden shed and the chair both seem to be big projects, will be exiting to see them finished!
    About the dog trimming I first thought "but they need the fur, it's cold now" and then realized it is a big difference in weather between Turkey and Sweden (only 3 degrees here). Lol!

  4. Hmm.. outside doors here are also x5 compared to indoor doors.
    But in the end it is just wood... doesn't seem to difficult to make one, and would be fun too (if time permits of course).

    Love the october pic!
    And wow for the doggie pack, doing them all is a lot of work... here we trim them a bit sometimes, but don't really need to..

    1. Oh no wood, it is always going to rot and needs sanding and painting etc, it is going to be pvc so no need for any work afterwards for many years :)

  5. Can't wait to see what you have in mind with the doors! I like how they look right now, their form, so i am waiting patiently!

  6. LOL! glad to read you were not naked on the picture hahahaha :D

  7. Very pretty mix media collage, shed, chair and dog!! And very interesting projects!!

  8. What a shame about the shed doors, they are so beautiful! The chair is gorgeous too. When I have to sand carvings I use a special brush that has soft metal bristles and it makes the whole process so much easier. Best of luck with the projects!

  9. Anxious to see the results!!!

  10. Oooh, that chair will look like a throne once finished! Gorgeous carvings!