Monday 12 October 2015

Peaceful Sunday

With all the horrible things that happened the last few days in Turkey, a peaceful Sunday was just what we needed. Ankara is very far away from us, but even in our town people are on strike, a silent cry against the government. On November 1st we will have elections again as they have not been able to establish the government with all the conflicts between political parties. The world is far from world peace, I wonder if we will ever get there.

I would love to own this little island, without politics, guns and hate. Surrounded with like minded creative people, I sound like a hippie, I know but the phrase make love not war is close to my heart :)

We had a little walk, and I always love the wild flowers and berries we discover between the bushes, they are so beautiful. Even though it is mid October we still in the 30-35 degrees Celsius here (86-95 F). And nature is still acting like it is Spring, leaves are not falling yet.

The only thing that makes it feel like Winter is approaching are berries, I loved this natural garland here below, made out of berries.

We then went to our favorite place for dinner, where we usually go for brunch on Sundays. It is close to the water and there is always something going on. Like the water turtles and fishes I've shown before, goats and ducks and interesting birds.

This time we all of a sudden heard some loud water sounds and saw that a whole bunch of cows were crossing over. It was getting dark so they were heading home, without any human guidance, they clearly knew the way.

It was quite something to see them cross like that, they knew exactly where the water was low.

After the cows were gone another gang approached us.

They came in such a way that it reminded us of the Jets from the WestSide Story, I actually sang their song while they approached, you know; 'When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette till your last dying day' :)

But while they acted like gang members all they were interested in was sharing our meal, which we did of course.


  1. The crossing cows is the best thing I have seen in ages :)
    A peaceful day...that's something I haven't had for ages...

  2. Nothing wrong with sounding like a hippy, this is not a bad word in my vocabulary.
    We could all do with some peace, love and happiness.
    And this post just provided me some, thank you :-)

  3. I can empathize so much your desire for peace! Sometimes we need some distance from all the terrible things that happen in the world! In my town there are so many refugees, most of them from Syria, that reminds me of war everyday!
    I am delighted that you could spend a nice Sunday! The pictures are wonderful!

  4. Very beautiful pictures. I have a sense of serenity watching them. Our world needs peace.

  5. Hehe, I'm on board for the island idea! So I probably sound like a hippy too :D :D
    Beautiful pictures!