Monday 23 November 2015

Butler Chair

While our November projects are totally going nowhere due to the fact that we were not able to find our stash of extra bathroom tiles. We did finish a new furniture piece!
This kind of chair has several names a few of them are 'Butler Chair', 'Clothes Valet' and 'Valet Stand'. Usually these are pretty much only to hang your next days clothes on but ours is also a beautiful chair, perfect for in front of your vanity mirror in the bedroom.

We'e made it with a vintage embroidery which has beautiful shades of pink, green, cream and blue with birds and flowers, making it pretty feminine but not girly :)

I came across these beautiful flowers on Pinterest made with currency (money) which has the same style and color palette. I think it would look great with our chair :) These flowers among many others are made by Justine Smith.

I have one myself, mine is blue, and it is super handy, especially if you are not a morning person and simply do not function without coffee :) You can figure out what you'll wear in the evening and dress yourself in a zombie state in the morning.

I can totally imagine it in a room with rustic wooden pieces, natural grays and whites and blushes of pink, like this interior from Marie Claire Maison.

At the back is a place to hang your pants or skirt, I also often hang my hat on the top when I want to wear one. The non hanging stuff can be put on the seat, and you can of course sit on it while wearing your socks etc.
This beauty is available at our decor shop, StarHomeStudio.


  1. Amazing chair!!! You rock... once again!!!

  2. What a great chair! I wish I had enough place in my bedroom for such an adorable butler!

  3. Wow! There's just one thing I cannot get... how can you sell these restored furniture pieces.. I'd totally decorate my own house.. Or buy a bigger one if they don't fit anymore.. Fabulous pieces!

  4. If I ever win the lottery I'll be buying ALL your furniture!!!!

  5. Wow! I really could use one of these chairs!
    I wish I had more space...

  6. Amazing project once again! I didn't even knew that this type of chair existed! I always tough I am among the few people that uses "A" chair as a closet, coat rack and wash basket! Well, now I can cross another thing on my "I am beeing weird but unique at something not at all important" list!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you, and I very much enjoyed your furniture make overs on your blog!

  8. Wow! Amazing chair! I love birds too!I would like to have one:)

  9. "dress yourself in a zombie state" hahaha :D that sounds like my boyfriend XD
    again, another beautiful piece of furniture :)