Thursday 26 November 2015

The Highest Tide

I've never recommended a book before here on our blog, which is actually quite weird when you know that mum and I are both avid readers and not a days passes that we don't read.
The reason why I am doing it now is maybe because this book, The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch, is all about the sea which is a topic we love and of course the sea inspires a lot of our creations.
Although it is a bestseller I never had heard of it but it caught my eye in our local second hand book store.
Mum read it first and was totally in love with it, but she wanted me to wait so that she could print out images of all the marine creatures mentioned in the book.
The book is so magically written that you'll think that the animals mentioned in them are fiction but they are in fact all real.

I was especially shocked to find out that the Giant Squid was actually a real thing, also known as The Kraken. I'm sure you have seen a movie with the Kraken, like The Pirates of the Caribbean (a movie I totally love btw) where it destroys an entire ship. But before you get nightmares about it, it is a deep sea creature which actually hardly has been seen in its natural habitat and is mostly found in the stomachs of stranded sperm whales or sometimes they get stranded on the beaches of New Zealand, Norway and Newfoundland. Also they are not as huge as shown in movies, but they are impressive non the less.

(Kraken (version 2) by Chris-Garrett)

So if you decide to buy/ read the book, have a source of internet near by to checkout the animals mentioned as it makes it even more amazing. Jim Lynch does explain them all very well, but images does make it more impressive.

I decided to blog about this book way before this necklace came to life, but as it matches it so well and as we are very proud of the result I thought to show it off here :)
To give the impression of a pirate ship on sea we surrounded the beautiful vintage ship with large pieces of Variscite, small pieces of Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite as treasures hunted by the pirates :)
Available in our StaroftheEast shop.


  1. Adding to my "to-read-list"...I want your "enhanced edition though...with the pictures :D

  2. Same here, added to my 'to read' list, I also devour books, tips always welcome!

  3. I always thought that the name "The Kraken" was just a made up name for the giant squid. - You could pop round for dinner one day and joinery kids in the "quote short conversations from The Pirates of the Caribbean. :) ... but you will have to imitate the voices as well.

  4. A perfect combination the book & your necklace!!

  5. Yes, defintely... I would love to read this book. And the necklace is amazing!

  6. Thank you for the book presentation Estella! And the necklace is breath-taking! The blue stones have an incredible vivid color!

  7. Such a lovely idea to look up the animals, I always "make" my own pictures in my head, but the real thing is even better when they are that lovely! Adding the book to my to read list too.

  8. I want the enhanced version with images too :D

  9. I love the necklace. And will put it on my reading list too, good tips for books are always welcome.