Monday 28 December 2015

An Artful Upcycle Project

Sometimes my mother comes with crazy ideas, ideas I do not appreciate (right away), some do not pan out but a lot of craziness turns out to be quite brilliant. This project is one of the good kind :)
I painted this oil painting back when I was going to my drawing course. It is not really the style I normally paint and was my first portrait, so it has a lot of room for improvement but it was just a step to learn. I thought about improving it but somehow never knew what to do with it and I didn't want to ruin it.
So here come mum's crazy idea: 'make a bag out of it'.
my first reaction was raised eye brows and probably scratching my head, but it eventually worked out.

Tadaaaa! It was a challenge sewing it. Unlike fabric, painted canvas is very sturdy and can not be turned in side out. It was pretty hard and each step took some figuring out but I am happy that I have a crazy mother, and am happy with the result :)

I've made it with leather details, and a baroque style lining, it closes with a zipper (I was glad that I managed that!), you can see more pictures and details in our bag shop StarBags.

I had cut out the canvas from its wooden frame, leaving me an empty frame which could have been used again by stretching new canvas, but I have attached vintage style map printed leather to it and am using it as back drop for some of my bigger globes :)
We offer this type of world globe printed leather in our supply shop, in case you want to make something like that too, but this leather is also perfect for upholstery, bags and more.


  1. This is such a cool idea! And I like the result a lot too! Well done!

  2. The bag looks awesome! It is like the painting was meant for this all along!
    And really like that vintage map too...

  3. Wow, that bag looks awesome. What a great idea.