Monday 16 January 2017

From Trash to Treasure

I love these trash transformations, they are a challenge and super satisfying.
As you might already have guessed, this piece's treasures are the legs.

So I started by sawing off the legs, the top was beyond redemption.

I sanded them, filled some holes and painted them several layers and varnished them for protection.

We have been having these vintage brass hoops, remains of vintage lamps (we use the crystals for our driftwood clouds and urchin ornaments).
I used two of them to make it a cute little round table, attaching them was a challenge, but eventually I managed.

The only thing I bought for this project was a metal plate and some stencils, I painted it in the same teal as the legs and then applied a thick gold paint. This one above became a total failure. It was my first stencil attempt and the first time I used this tick paint, it was a total mess. I washed and scrubbed it off and started over with a different stencil and applied the paint a little thinner, which worked out.

One of the hoops had holes all over, my mum said 'my OCD won't allow those holes to stay like that', her words, not mine :) Anyway it did come out prettier, I sewed beadcaps with beads to it and now there are no holes, OCD at ease :)

The top had holes too, I thought about hanging something small, mum wanted tassels, her choice was better, and I made 26 handmade tassels, a tedious job but they did get pretty.

And the results! For some reason this table took the longest of all furniture projects, yes even the chairs are faster. I think I started somewhere in October, and it finished in January, figuring things out and making them reality doesn't always goes as planned or fast.

The top stencil was small, so I applied another row of flowers which I had to do 1 per day as the paint dries very slowly, you see that is 5 days already :D

The yarn we had at home, the exact same shade, in combination with the filigree and the stencils on top it has something oriental, like from a far away exotic country.

The top is not attached to the legs, so you can bring in the tea or coffee and put it straight on the table without needing a tray.

It is available at StarHomeStudio, among other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. This is really fabulous! Yes, looks very oriental, strait out of Aladdin! :) It was worth the time and effort for sure!

  2. The end result is awesome! I can't even imagine those hoops were a lamp once, they look perfect in the table. :)

  3. This is so amazing and perfect! I love love the look!

  4. The transformation is amazing and the rusult is worth all the effort! I love it!

  5. Another cool beauty you created! This is really a great series of yours :)

  6. What a cool creation in my favourite colours.

  7. So great!
    This idea to leave unattached the top is so clever!
    I like this blue with gold, its looks so beautiful!

  8. It turned out very pretty!!! It worth the time, even a couple of months!!! Good luck to selling quick!

  9. wow! wooow, look at that, is almost hard to believe! really great work! love the result ^____^