Thursday 26 January 2017

Get the Look Vol.5

A little different Get the Look this time. The inspiration is my own picture and I decided to look up all the props I used :)
The shelves are from our shop, this is made out of two pieces so it can be used differently like bed side tables for example.
If you don't have enough color themed books, they are actually available in bundles arranged in color.
But if you like this look, here is what I found:

This beautiful vintage clock from AtelierVintage25.

Love this cute little globe from thelittlebiker. This one is cute too, and here another one and you have a collection of three :).

Here is a cute wooden train, mine is vintage from a flee market in Amsterdam and I have had the bus since childhood, I found a bus on Etsy too including passengers :)

I found the exact same ship as ours, only this one is not painted which I might like even more than our painted version :)

And finally a cute planter with a cute plant and you've got the look :)


  1. Love the clock and the wooden train, and don't get me started on globes... Wish I could buy your shelves and all those items! But with no room at home it will stay a dream.

  2. They all look great on the shelves. Love the wood train!

  3. I Love the idea of putting two shelves on one another for more storage place! And these ones are really great finds.

  4. i love all this vintage finds!

  5. Beautiful decoration! I'm in love with the clock!

  6. you do have an eye for lovely vintage-y arrangements!

  7. Lovely finds! The wooden train is so cute :)