Tuesday 14 November 2017

Goodbye Leo

This week we had to let go of Leo, son of Daisy and brother of Ufo, whom both passed away a few years ago. Leo's health was getting worse, he was practically blind and completely deaf but worse was he had hardly any strength in his legs, which was both awful for him to feel and us to see. Leo was born in our house as we had found his mother (unknowingly) pregnant. He was never a happy doggy, somehow even though he never had it tough and his name was Leo and his color sunny he never saw things on the bright side. But he we still loved him and he will be missed...


  1. What a lovely dog! It's interesting how animals can have such strong characters traits even from when they are born, I guess it was in his genes, since his brother is also on the serious side. I have a pessimistic cat, but just as Leo, he is loved and his health problems affect us. What is important is that you gave him a good long life, surrounded by affection and friends. Hugs to you!

  2. Really sorry for losing him! I have an oldie too, and every time he has a seizure (epileptic seizure), we are preparing ourselves for the worst.

  3. Dear Leo. Love to you both. ❤