Thursday 16 November 2017

Get The Look Vol.8

With less than 40 days left to Christmas I think it is alright to show some Christmas items here! I love wreaths, but I like them when they are made with things that won't die. Our pretty wreath was handmade in 1875! And still pretty!

I love love love Christmas trees, but do not like the idea of killing one for a few weeks pleasure so always look for alternatives instead. The one above is perfect for those with little space, made out of branches, totally adorable!
Ours is made with driftwood and is a great size for a smaller home.

Love the old times look of this kitchen, hanging copper pans and stuff gives such a festive vibe in the kitchen. Below you can find some stuff to start your hanging stuff collection :)

I have a soft spot for pretty organized workspaces, maybe because ours never stays organized for very long. This one also has a cool sewing chest, we have one even cooler available, a very pretty mid-century organizer chest with 6 cubbies.


  1. It's a wonderful gallery. The driftwood Christmas tree is my favorite!

  2. Love all the items specially the sewing boxes, that style was really popular in Spain in my grandmother's time but she didn´t have one though, she was so into sewing that she had a small cabinet, lucky her to have all that space!

  3. lovely collection of decorations! Christmas is so soon ^^

  4. love your version of a Christmas tree, looks very nice

  5. Great selection of Christmas decor! The driftwood Christmas tree is so cute :)

  6. Can't wait to see the next 'take a look' dedicated to Christmas.
    So many wonderful ideas. Love your tree :)